Boarding & Facilities

Falkenberg Stables offers a private club atmosphere for the riders with personalized attention for each horse. 

  1. Feeding Programs
    Feeding Programs
    Personalized feed programs for each individual horse
  2. Import/Export Quarantine
    Import/Export Quarantine
    Falkenberg Stables is approved by the CFIA for importing and exporting sport horses across the globe
  3. Training Programs
    Training Programs
    Tailored training programs for horses and riders with hunter/jumper trainer Chris Perry
  4. Infrared Therapy
    Infrared Therapy
    Infrared therapy available to all client horses. All the benefits of the sun without the harmful UV rays. Prepares the horse's body for work and treats any muscular stiffness or injury. Safely cools down the athlete after working
  5. Ultrasound Therapy
    Ultrasound Therapy
    Ultrasound therapy helps to recover and heal horse injuries quicker and more efficiently than many forms of therapy.
  6. Heated Stable
    Heated Stable
    Many spacious box stalls in an insulated and heated barn. The stable boasts humidity and heat controls, as well being cooled during the summer months
  7. Sales & Syndicate
    Sales & Syndicate
    Our team at Falkenberg, and abroad, specializes in finding the right horse for any level of rider and finding the right horse for syndicate owners. Let us introduce you to your dream horse
  8. All-Season Wash Bay
    All-Season Wash Bay
    Hot/cold wash bay available at all time of the year to maintain your show horse
  9. Showing
    Show horses welcome! Our facility is classified as a show stable. We do our best to frequent all the biggest and most entertaining "A" circuit show in Alberta and surrounding areas (including the USA)

(per month)

Lesson/Training Packages
(per month)

  1. $875.00
    Indoor Board
    Rival Team
  2. $500.00
    Outdoor Board
    Rival Team
  1. $256.50
    6 - Lessons/Training Rides
    Rival Team
  2. $334.80
    8 - Lessons/Training Rides
    Rival Team
  3. $409.50
    10 - Lessons/Training Rides
    Rival Team
  4. $486.00
    12 - Lessons/Training Rides
    Rival Team
  5. $640.80
    16 - Lessons/Training Rides
    Rival Team

(per month)

  1. $500.00
    Part-Time Training (3-4 rides/wk)
    Rival Team
  2. $900.00
    Full-Time Training (5-6 rides/wk)
    Rival Team

Individual Lessons

Show Fees
(per day)

  1. $45.00
    1/2 hr Private Lesson
    Rival Team
  2. $45.00
    Training Ride
    Rival Team
  1. $50.00
    Local Show Fee
    Rival Team
  2. $65.00
    Away Show Fee
    Rival Team